Bianca Benz

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Restorative Wellness Practitioner

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© 2016 by Bianca M. Benz , NTP  


Santa Monica,CA



                      Hello my name is Bianca and I am so excited you are here!                                         
I am a certified nutritional therapist and restorative wellness practitioner, fearless entrepreneur,lover of animals ,yummy food and good wine.I enjoy getting sweaty during my boxing workouts and I love exploring new places and cultures...
Long story short : I LOVE LIVING THE GOOD LIFE! 
And this is exactly what I want for YOU!!! Achieve your optimal level of health to be strong enough to pursue your ambitions.Live the life you always wanted.Dream big.No dream is ever too crazy...And then let me help you make them come true by guiding you to become the healthiest and strongest woman you can possibly be. 
Wether you are dealing with lack of energy,digestive issues ,autoimmune disorders or just want to simply increase the level of your health, let`s take it on and start today!
My extensive background in holistic nutrition,personal experience, my empathy and humor ,will help and inspire you to address any health concerns you may have to become the vibrant, healthy and strong woman you deep down always wanted to be.
As I said: It`s never too late and only the sky is the limit.So let`s start blooming and booming !


Labor Day weekend 2016

Ready to ride to Fort Bragg,CA for a long weekend